Monday, July 9, 2012

8 Days On The Lake for the 4th!

Lake Oroville is diverse along it's 167 miles of shoreline. One can find what feels like a different lake by simply changing locations. In eight nights, I spent my days wandering the lake (and meeting new folks), and each night in a different anchorage "out there".

During the July 4, 2012 season, I met several new friends on Lake Oroville. Neil and Sandy Mitchel from Yuba City are houseboaters ("Full Moon"), great musicians and wonderful hosts. Herb Clark and Carolyn Paul are (married) sailors who are involved with Chico Yacht Club's July 4th raft up (we took several of these folks out to the fireworks on the 4th) and friendly fellow yachtsmen with whom I enjoyed several conversations and comparisons of special places in the Pacific North West we've cruised/sailed.

I briefly met Don way up at Feather Falls, when he putted by to say that he was following and liked this blog. That revelation thrilled me and I wished I had gotten his last name or had more time to speak with him. Don't forget to visit, Don, as I think you'll like the boating info there, too.

On this second 4th of July with the boat, it has found it's way into my heart and Kokomo's comfort, steadfastness and dependability have become a bit of legend in our family. I feel so fortunate to spend time with and on this particular yacht, and am so grateful to call her ours!

San Quentin Prison

San Quentin Prison
One of the more 'captivating' sites along the Corte Madera channel . Rowers from Corte Madera are practicing in the foreground.