Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day on the Rivers

We launched at the Centimudi Launch facility near the Shasta Dam near sundown on Friday, May 25, 2012, and after prep'ing the boat, found a nearby cove to call home for the night. Saturday morning was a beautiful mix of rain clouds and sunshine, and we made our way up the McLeod River, enjoying the sites along the way.

We stopped near the Mcleod Bridge to feed a hungry bunch of Canadians (Geese and precious Goslings), navigated beneath the bridge and then headed back downstream. KOKOMO found her way up the Sacramento River before the day was through,  and we settled in a nice cove well before sundown for a nice evening on the river.

The next morning found us headed for the Pitt River, with a stop at Silverthorn Resort and really close observation of wild life (students on houseboat rental), and an espresso drink for Lee. We opted not to do the pizza and pub (clean and friendly but unremarkable pizza made on crust that was store-bought) and returned to the boat for Thai salad and had a nice lunch before heading up the river and all the way to the navigable end before reversing course. We spent the night on the Squaw Creek Arm of the lake and found a nice cove, and a mother Merganser and her 14 chicks to watch. We also spotted Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles during the day.

Monday (Memorial Day) we explored Squaw Creek and then made our way back toward civilization. Lee Ann swam (66F!) and suntanned on this, the sunniest of the three days, and the trip was topped off by a chance encounter of Bill & Jo Truby at Bridge Bay Resort. We sat in the cockpit and caught up on the last, tumultuous two years of our lives.

The ramp was a zoo on Memorial Day and so it took some time (and patience) to get the boat out and readied for the trip home. We stopped in Anderson at Mary's Pizza Shack for dinner with Ray and Donella Underwood (beloved 2nd cousins) which split the trip up a bit.

San Quentin Prison

San Quentin Prison
One of the more 'captivating' sites along the Corte Madera channel . Rowers from Corte Madera are practicing in the foreground.